Tricks of of Trade by Paige Peterson


Paige Peterson

Paige’s Family Support

Paige Technique

Paige’s Time Limit 

Paige Tip Creative 

Paige’s Being on Time

Paige TipTeach in your hometown

Paige Trick New Goals

Appropriate Choreography

Trick of Trade Social Media

Tricks of Trade Keeping an Open Mind

Trick of Trade Updated Headshot

Paige’s Tips Appropriate Choreography

Paige’s Tips Bragging a little

Paige’s Tips Travel

Paige’s Tips Partying

Paige Tips Work Creates More Work

Paige’s Tips on Roomates

Paiges Tip Holiday Work

Paiges Tip Celebs

Paiges Tip Agents

Paiges Tips Friends

Paiges Tips Choreographers

Paiges Tips Getting to Class

Paige Tips Money

Paige was born in the booming metropolis of Lawrence, Kansas. She began dance lessons and performing in community theater at the age of nine. Eventually, her love of the stage lead her to the hills of Hollywood. Paige has danced and acted in projects such as; “Meet the Spartans”, “The Comebacks”, “The Hot Chick”, “Jackass 2”, “Universal Remote”, “Two and a Half Men”, “Scrubs”, “Young and the Restless”, “Half and Half”, Jack in the Box commercials, Fandango commercials, Coors light ads, Dancing with the Stars, Nashville Star, and with artists like Beyonce, Martina Mcbride, Billy Ray Cyrus, Trace Adkins, P-Diddy, Britney Spears, and David Hasselhoff .

Today Paige resides in the San Fernando Valley. Her home is conveniently close to Millennium Dance Complex.



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