Spotlight on Shirleen Quigley

Every Monday from 5-6pm, put your heels on and get down and dirty with some of the best dancers in Los Angeles! 
Leading this class is the one and only Shirleen Quigley(far right), who is the real deal. After dancing with musical artists such as Beyonce (yes, Shirleen is in the “Crazy In Love” video), she has decided to share her expertise with the rest of us! She is one sassy little mama with big hair and big personality. You will probably NEVER catch this woman without her stillettos on, so you know she can work it!  Next Monday bring your inner diva and your heels and learn how to shake it like Shirleen!

At a young age Shirlene Quigley knew that dance was her path in life. She began dance at the age of 4 and was on a national winning dance team all through high school. Once she became 18, she began the pursuit of a professional dance career. She signed with one of the top dance agencies in Los Angeles, McDonald Selznick Associates. Her second audition was for superstar Beyoncé, for her “Crazy in Love” video/promo tour,and she BOOKED it!  Since then Shirlene has danced around the world, on television, in film, and on stage with artists such as Beyoncé, Missy Elliot, Chris Brown, Destiny’s Child, Ray J, Mary J Blige, Jamiroqui, Rhianna and many more.  Imbued with the love of dance, she has been blessed to be able to spread her knowledge and inspiration .



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