Alyse Palombaro


Alyse was born in New York and started dancing at the young age of 3. Dancing was always a passion of hers and her artsy family. She decided after high school to make it a career, and she auditioned and was accepted into The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, where she obtained her BFA degree in dance in 2011. Upon graduating, she made the move to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams of becoming a professional commercial dancer. She has worked and performed with multiple artists and groups, on stages, for television, in music and fitness videos, in commercials, and modeling, ever expanding her vocabulary with all the wonderful opportunities available in LA.

Due to a variety of happenings, since a young age and throughout her professional journey, Alyse suffered an assortment of injuries: ankle sprains, knee surgery, hip issues, a pulled hamstring, pinched nerves, and borderline scoliosis. Finally, when after an audition she ended up in the Urgent Care with a bulging disc in her lower back, Alyse decided enough was enough; either she was going to have to prematurely retire from her dance career and end up in a wheelchair by 30 or she needed to make a change. Through a friend and some divine intervention, Alyse re-found (hot) Yoga. Within a few months, her body, mind, and spirit experienced a complete turnaround, and she had opened herself up to new levels that she didn’t even know were possible. She went from being in pain 80 percent of the time to being stronger than ever and in the best shape of her life! The connection she now felt with her body, mind, and spirit unlocked an inner strength, and she realized this was something she was unknowingly searching for her entire life.

Yoga gave Alyse the gift of a newfound passion and another career path that she can joyously continue to practice for the rest of her life, and she is grateful. Now, with 200 hr RYT certifications in multiple formats, as well as her strong knowledge of alignment and the body acquired from her years of dancing, her love of helping and encouraging people, and her ability to empathize, Alyse will try and help you to unlock new levels of strength (inner and outer), self confidence, self-acceptance, and a way to carry all of these lessons off of your mat and into your daily life. With her passion and
love of Yoga, Alyse wants to do everything in her power to help you experience some of the incredible changes that Yoga can bring into your life and to have some fun while doing it. “Growth is painful, change is painful, but nothing is as painful as staying stuck
somewhere you don’t belong.”