Jessie Levine


Jessie Levine grew up as a competitive gymnast, switching to dance late in high school. During college she developed her love of fitness and yoga. She now is a professional dancer, acrobat, and yoga instructor in LA. Jessie strives to push herself and others in a way that enables them to become who they want to be, and accomplish what they want in their lives! She is passionate about understanding the body, and utilizing her experience to develop strengths in her students. 

Over the past few years, Jessie has had the opportunity to tour nationally with a cirque company, perform with and dance for artists on stage and in music videos, get featured on commercials and shows (such as Superhuman on Fox), create and showcase her choreography at Club Jete and Carnival,  and teach throughout LA. Jessie is particularly passionate about sharing her love and knowledge of yoga with dancers, so you can catch her bouncing around the dance studios (Millennium, IDA, Movement Lifestyle), as well as various local yoga studios. Jessie works to combine yoga, dance, and acrobatics in her choreography, so stay tuned for more creations and opportunities! See for more.