Politeia Le


I am a Contemporary Yogi. My fullfillment and passion resides in facilitating personal growth in all arenas-physical, emotional, spiritual, professional, artistic. I teach movement, health, and wellness grounded in the philosophy and principles of yoga. I’m drawn to yoga’s holistic approach to living to one’s fullest potential. In addition to yoga, I have studied and teach ballet, modern dance, contemporary dance, Pilates, interval training, and various somatic studies. The spectrum of my interests and education allows me to teach from a multi-disciplinary perspective. I believe in movement therapy that provides the opportunity to challenge our assumptions and connect with our humanity. I constantly strive to improve my pedagogical practices, to create supportive, healthy, and sustainable learning environments. I live and teach from an inspirational, patient, creative, compassionate, and intuitive place.

My experiences in teaching, teacher training, yoga studio management, lifestyle program facilitation, dance, choreography, concert production, and artistic directing have provided a diverse range of skill sets and values. My dream would be to serve in an environment where all of my skill sets, education, passions, and perspective can come together to transform the lives of others.

Top 5 Gallup StrengthFinder Themes: Ideation, Empathy, Connectedness, Relator, Learner