The Ultimate Commercial Dance Experience

2017 Calendar

Unlimited classes and 2-hr workshop with choreographer


  • Spring 2017 (3/27-3/31)

  • Summer 2017 (7/24-7/28)

  • Fall 2017 (10/9-13)

Jesse Santos and the Spring INDUSTRY INTENSIVE students


Each day one of Millennium’s own notable choreographers will teach, inspire, guide and groom through a week designed to show dancers how to navigate the Los Angeles dance scene and come out on top!

Join us for 2 hours of dance workshop daily with Kenya and unlimited classes daily from our schedule combining choreography, insightful insider talks and guest lecturers. Some topics are…

    • Audition Techniques
    • Mock Audition
    • Dancing for Videos
    • Preparing Your Promotional Reel
    • Planning your move to LA
    • How to get an agent
    • An LA agent or talent manager will do special coaching session
    • What you can do to prepare for your career while you’re still at home
    • Becoming a triple threat
    • Choreography
    • Visit with LA stylist/makeup artist to get your own custom look
    • Opportunity for professional headshots
    • Surprise choreographers

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