Kumari Suraj Master Class, August 4th & 11th, 9-10:30PM

Kumari Suraj

About Kumari Suraj

With a funky father and aunt who danced on Soul Train in ’72 and a soulful mother who looked like a lost Charlie’s Angel, Kumari Suraj was bound to fall into anything Disco. It was only natural that she’d discover Waacking.

Suraj, coined as the “The Queen of Waacking Nuevo” by the dance media, is also the Queen of many historical firsts. The first waacking videos on youtube, influencing everyone in the industry from Parris Goebel to Lady Gaga. (If their is a Waack in a routine, guaranteed it’s impact can be traced back to Kumari Suraj, one way or another.) The first waacking choreographer to explicitly introduce the dance to mass media by creating dance content for the FOX reality hit TV show So You Think You Can Dance. Suraj, is the founder and CEO of the LA’s International Waack/Punk/Pose Festival (Waackfest), the first and only festival in the world solely devoted to the cultural education and preservation of Waacking, Punking and Vogue.

Suraj is considered as the go-to expert for this underground dance from the 70s, serving as an international ambassador of its history, culture and technique. The international exposure of waacking has been immensely facilitated through Suraj’s tireless teaching efforts and countless Youtube concept videos. Along with Waackfest, Suraj serves as founder and director of the internationally known dance companies The Waackers and Jungle Jills. She also created the London based dance company The Waacktitioners.

Featured dancer, choreographer and artist in international magazines such as Dance Track Magazine (US), Dance Spirit (US), Too Much Flavor (UK) and The Hype (Africa). Credits include Dizzy Rascal, MC Hammer, Mya, Jody Watley, Carmit Bachar, Little Boots and Sony recording artist, Jhazebel.

Underground freestyle dancer turned choreographer, Kumari takes her passion for her art-form to uncharted levels of creativity. She continues to break boundaries with her signature “Frankie Douglas Style” of choreography fusing Waacking upper body technique with Dancehall, House, African and HipHop lower body grooves. Suraj’s extensive knowledge in waacking is complimented with her more than 25 years of training in other dance styles such as Old School Hip Hop, Vogue, House, Popping, Locking, Break Dancing (Bboying), West African Dance, Dancehall, Ballet and Latin styles.

Since 2006, Suraj has been traveling as a choreographer, mentor and dance educator, contributing to the development of an international dance community in North/South/Central America Europe, Asia, Australia, Russia and Africa. Suraj founded the first waacking scenes in Denmark, England and South Africa. She was also among the first dancers to bring waacking, vogue and house dance to the South African dance community with her non-profit Dance For Peace, that was supported by government officials, schools and parents. With this project, Suraj helped raise awareness of the issues South African youth face in recovering from the affects of apartheid. “Why I Dance”


Kumari expands her creative strengths into the fashion world as well with “Jungle Jills”, a clothing and accessories line geared towards stylish tastemakers.

Spreading her creative wings into the world of music Kumari has been writing and performing her own music all over the world. Download some of Kumari’s music for free on Sound Cloud.


Bobby Newberry

Bobby Newberry Master Class, July 18, 8-9:30PM

Bobby Newberry

About Bobby Newberry

Multi-talented singer/songwriter/dancer/choreographer Bobby Newberry is breaking into the music scene with his impressive vocal talent, choreography, and dance skills redefining pop music. Following the success of multiple singles including the top dance hit “Dirrty Up” featuring Jessie and the Toy Boys and his well-received guest vocal appearance on Pussycat Doll Melody Thornton’s acoustic cover of La Roux’s “Bulletproof” in February 2014 Newberry released his first EP “#THENEWBERRYSPECIAL”.

Newberry launched the project with the single “SWEAT” debuting on Billboard.com with an innovative music video set in the Mojave Desert where dancers were thrown to the dirt and put to the test to make them “SWEAT.” The grinding in your face hands-in-the-air club track designed to get your body moving garnered a great response placing in the top 10 on Advocate.com’s Hot Sheet and generated strong social media support from top influencers in the pop/dance community.

As a young child growing up in an underprivileged household in Orange County, California, Newberry discovered his passion for music and movement. A self-taught dancer, he spent countless hours dissecting and emulating the dance style and fundamentals of his inspirations, pop icons: Michael Jackson, Madonna, & Prince. Despite no formal dance training until age 11, Newberry entered and won numerous local talent shows as a dancer and received enough recognition to earn a scholarship at a dance/gymnastics studio. When not training in dance, he participated in singing groups and the school choir. After high school, Newberry was awarded a scholarship to the renowned EDGE Performing Arts Center in Hollywood, California, where he worked with famed choreographers, Brian Friedman who choreographed for Britney Spears and Gil Duldulao who choreographed for Janet Jackson, just to name a few. More than just a talented dancer, Newberry was inspired to find his own dance style, a combo of hip hop and stylized movement. His unique and relevant pop-oriented style of dance caught the industry’s attention and Newberry was soon an in-demand choreographer. Says Newberry, “music is my life…. it’s why I do anything and everything”

Newberry’s creative genius as a choreographer led to an outstanding list of credits spanning live/stage, TV and music videos including the Pussycat Dolls, Eminem, Girlicious, Jessie & the Toyboys, Porcelain Black, Lil’ Wayne, Taylor Dayne, Eva Longoria for Bebe, Missy Elliott, Jody Watley, Aaron Kwok and television shows, X Factor, Dancing with the Stars, Conan O’Brien, David Letterman and America’s Got Talent. Newberry also worked on Pussycat Dolls music video for “When I Grow Up”, which won Best Dance Video at the 2008 VMAs.

Although Newberry’s career first began with incredible breaks in choreography, he has always considered himself an artist. Currently focused on the vocal aspect of his talents Newberry has begun collaborating with a group of amazing producers in Los Angeles, including the famed Damon Sharpe, whose clientele include Jennifer Lopez and Kylie Minogue. The musical journey of Bobby Newberry is just beginning and the dance floor should get ready.

Bobby Newberry currently resides in Los Angeles.

Flii Stylz

Flii Stylz Master Class Plus Special Q&A, Friday, July 11, 8-10PM

Millennium Dance Complex Presents: Master Class and industry Q&A with legend and top choreographer Flii Stylz.

Enjoy an intensive with one of the best in the industry, followed by an intimate Q&A with Flii himself. Learn about working as a dancer and what it takes to make it in the eyes of one of the top choreographers. Tickets are $25 per dancer. 16yrs and older.

Credits include: MJ, Chris Brown, Madonna, Usher, JLo, Beyonce and many more…

Flii Stylz

Gil Duldulao

Gil Duldulao Master Class, June 11, 9-10:30


Gil DuldulaoGil Duldulao is one of the most sought after artistic directors in the music industry today. From dance student to professional dancer to mega-artist choreographer, Gil Duldulao has climbed the ranks of the creative ladder in an astounding short period.

Truly an island boy at heart, Gil studied dance at Big City Productions and 24/7 DanceForce on Oahu Hawaii, far away form the glitz and glam of Hollywood.

At age 16, Gil landed himself a dance scholarship at the EDGE Performing Arts Center in Los Angeles. Before he knew it he was soon dancing for some of the biggest stars on earth, including: Janet Jackson, Madonna, Britney spears, Jennifer Lopez, Prince, Ricky Martin, Tina Tuner to name but a few.

Saturating the Pop world with his amazing dance talent, directors as well as superstar artists were taking note of his potential as a choreographer. His first opportunity to show his choreography on a global level was on none other than the legend Tina Turner’s ‘24/7 World Tour.’

Since then, Gil’s resume in choreography and artistic direction reads like the guest list at the Grammy’s, but Gil has gained most notoriety in the industry for his wildly creative input in the performances and videos of Pop icon Janet Jackson: Multiple world and promo tours, dozens of television performances, and a handful of state of the art music videos; Gil has definitely left his permanent mark in the world of dance and live performance. And not to think Gil is limited to the small screen and stage, his artistry can be seen on the big screen in movies such as Tyler Perry’s ‘For Colored Girls’ and ‘Carmen The Hip Hopera.’

Dance and the performing arts have been therapy to Gil and an inspiration to progress on his journey through life. Being a perfectionist, he is seldom completely satisfied with his work, but that is not to say he is unaware that much of his audience think his work is nothing less than inspirational. As humble as he is, there are moments when Gil is truly proud of his work; At the MTV Video music Awards in 2009, Gil brought together the most astonishing collection of dancers and choreographers on stage in a truly moving dance tribute to the late Michael Jackson- it was a time for Gil when he knew the art itself, rather than multiple artists, shall honor The King of Pop.

From laid-back Hawaii to the manic panic of the entertainment world, Gil feels truly blessed for all the people who have shown support and provided opportunity for him, and hopes that somehow his art contributes to someone following their own dream.

If Gil Duldulao’s future holds even but a fraction of what he has accomplished already, then we can expect nothing less than to be continuously astounded by his art, his artistry and his belief that one should follow their passion and achieve their dreams.

Gils Recent credits: Nicki Minaj, Macys, Katy Perry, Charice Pempengco, Sabi, Demi Lovato, Aubrey O’ day, Pepsi, Acuvue, Victoria Duffield and Disney’s “Shake It Up”