New Class with George Jones Tue & Thurs at 8:00 – 9:pm !!

Relatively new to the industry, George Jones is a Work in progress, but has been blessed to already have toured & perform with such artists as Britney Spears, Boa, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, Keri Hilson, and he’s also performed on Vh1 Hip Hop Honors, Vh1 Divas Live, Latin Grammy Awards,  America’s Got Talent, and MTV VMA’s.  His powerful stage presence and naturally charismatic personality is what sets him apart from others. But his outstanding work ethic and professionalism is what has made him the performer that he is today. He continues to  work extremely hard to grow to a greater place creatively as a performer and teacher.

Hailing from New York City as a Dancer, George attributes the majority of his training and performance knowledge to Rhapsody the Company,  but has a BA in Dance from Marymount Manhattan College as well.

He connects his unique quality of movement to understanding the balance between swagger,musicality, attack, and cleanliness, as well as being honored to learn from and work with great Choreographers such as Choreographers as Rhapsody James, Luther Brown, La Jon Dantzler, Flii Stylez, Fatima Robinson, Bobby Newberry, Laurieann Gibson, Jaquel Knight, Tiana Brown, Annibal Morero, Jamal Sims, Don Draico, Chris Dupre’, and Brian Friedmen.

George Jones

He as also appeared in Britney Spear’s “3”, & “If You Seek Amy” video, Boa’s “Eat You Up” video, and Marcy Place & Daddy Yankee video “ Todos lo soy”. Most recently George was one  the  dancer featured in “The Circus Tour: Starring Britney Spears”. Which was directed by Jamie King.  In 2010 George has also had the honor of  being an associate choreographer to Ms. Tiana Brown  on the Television show “Dance Your Ass Off”,  dancing in promo performances with the beautiful Estelle for her new song “FREAK”, being the featured actor/dancer in the “Strong Man” Vitamin water Campaign, 2 episodes of “America’s Got Talent”, “The World Music Awards” with Jennifer Lopez, The “Logo Awards” with Swedish Pop sensation Agnes, and he just finish of the year assisting Luther Brown on an episode of Season 3 of “Sytycd Canada”, filming the Paramount Remake of the motion picture “Footloose, and was a featured dancer in Vh1 Divas Salute the Troops. 2011 has been another blessed year for George, filming his second feature film “Jack and Jill”, as well as continue to Perform with Jennifer Lopez as she promotes her new album “LOVE”.