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Our Workstudy Program enables dancers of all abilities to immerse themselves in unlimited classes while joining with other aspiring dancers behind the scenes and on the frontline of our worldwide dance centers. Work one shift weekly in behind our front desk allows free admission to all of our regular schedule of classes. Participation in this program gives priceless insider access and exposure to al facets of Millennium’s world of dance. Past workstudy program participants have become professional, teachers, choreographers, managers, producers and agents. Most feel their workstudy experience was a valuable tool in their entertainment career for the practical experience gained, access and resources in the dance and entertainment community and opportunities for introductions to movers and shakers in the field!

If you are interested in applying contact your local Millennium for application process.

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Jin Lee Program Director with Wednesday morning shift workstudies

LOS ANGELES: Contact Jin Lee

  • Email your headshot and work resume to to apply
  • There is a minimum1 year commitment
  • You must be 21 or older
  • You must live in Los Angeles and be a California resident
  • You may work during your year
  • You may audition
  • Must pay for uniform $15
  • Once you have passed training you must pay $35 for background check fee
  • Neat appearance
  • We look for reliable, mature, happy, friendly and customer service oriented people
  • No dance audition needed