Ann Marie Hudson


  • Ann Marie served as manager of Moro Landis Studios before taking it over upon the building owner’s request and transforming it into Millennium Dance Complex. The famous studio had become troubled after George Moro’s death in the mid-1980s, and Ann Marie agreed to become the owner having worked at Moro Landis for three months.
  • Before coming to Los Angeles, Ann Marie had built a successful career as an entrepreneur.  At age 21, she started Bodyworks Fitness Center, creating a low-impact aerobics and fitness class to provide an alternative to Jane Fonda’s popular body-pounding fitness routine. She taught yoga, gymnastics, and children’s dance while managing a staff of eight employees. She also did work as a fitness and weight trainer for a large fitness company chain in New Jersey.
  • When she was 24, Ann Marie sold her business and moved to New York City. There, she became an assistant to the director of the famous Broadway Dance Center, also working directly with its founder, Richard Elsner.  Ann Marie went on to manage a Broadway jazz and supper club in New York City where she put together a girls group and wrote, produced, and choreographed the shows.  She met Robert Baker when she was 28.  They moved to Los Angeles, set to begin their journey as dance studio owners and operators.