Devin Solomon

Hip Hop

Born in Detroit, Michigan, and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana Devin Solomon is a hip-hop dancer and instructor who began growing his unique style at the age of 7. Because Indiana had little to no hip-hop dance studios at the time, Devin had to use his surrounding, peers, music videos, movies and t.v. shows to pick up the style of hip-hop dance. Devin had no training in dance up until his freshman year at Broad Ripple Magnet High School for the Arts and Humanities, where he trained in ballet and jazz, but mostly ballet. Throughout and after graduating high school Devin was a dancer and choreographer for Indiana’s WNBA dance team, the Indiana Fever Inferno Hip-Hop Squad, for 5 years. Searching for new territory to grow, at the age of 20 Devin made the decision to relocate to North Hollywood, California to surround him-self with diverse choreographers and dancers to develop and diversify his craft. After about a year and a half of living in L.A. Devin began teaching as a sub at Millennium Dance Complex and Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio regularly. He has also done stage performances and music videos alongside up and coming artist such as Josh Levi, from the X Factor, Kehlani, Aaron Fresh, The Curly Fryz, Talin Silva and Matt Ryan King. Even though Devin is focusing on his path as an instructor he is currently signed to MSA agency represented as a dancer and lives his life on the belief that the growing and learning process never stops.