Erica Klein


Erica Klein grew up in Monterey, California and currently lives in Los Angeles. She is known for her feature role in Elliot Moss’ music video “Without the Lights” directed/choreographed by Phillip Chbeeb which went viral on Facebook receiving over 48 million views. Her choreography will be aired on prestigious platforms including Redbull TV and Jennifer Lopez’s World of Dance TV show in collaboration with Jojo Gomez. Erica plays a lead roll in the upcoming movie “All Styles” and was featured in Charlie Puth’s official dance video “Attention” directed by Tim Milgram. You can find her dancing on many other prominent media outlets including Disney and DanceOn, as well as in various music videos including Trevor Wesley’s “Chivalry is Dead,” choreographed by Ian Eastwood. She has worked for artists such as Alyson Stoner, Every Time I Die and Camila Capello as an choreographer’s assistant. She has also worked with choreographers such as Travis Wall and Christopher Scott. She is in multiple dance videos including her collaboration with Emilio Dosal titled “Down” which received millions of views and recently directed, choreographed and starred the Exes’ new music video “Cain”. Erica loves teaching and has guest taught at multiple colleges and studios around the world with upcoming workshops in India, Mexico and Canada. This season you can catch her on tour with conventions including Groove and Elite Dance Productions. Erica hopes to continue developing her unique style and inspire other to push the boundaries of the contemporary dance genre.