Kenya Clay

Hip Hop

Kenya Clay, affectionately known by her peer’s as the “mayor of dance” is one of the most sought out talents this generation will see.  Her infectious spirit, smile and flair for energetic filled hip hop movement mixed with the grace of the old Hollywood classics is what has kept this up and coming choreographer in high demand with the leading brands and artists we all admire in today’s entertainment world. Starting her pursuit of dance at what some consider a “late” age of 19 has not stopped this dynamic ball of fire from building a resume that compares to that of a well-versed veteran. She has had the pleasure of setting moves for the likes of Mariah Carey, Paula Abdul, Jennifer Hudson, The Pussy Cat Dolls, Kimbra, and GRL as well as brands such as Toyota, Skechers, and Lalaloopsy. Besides her commercial work she stands as one of the only choreographers that holds faculty at 3 of Hollywood’s leading professional dance studios, Millennium Dance Complex, Debbie Reynolds, and Movement Lifestyle. But if you ask this dazzling mover what she prides most about her career, it would be mentoring to many of the industry’s most remarkable youth. This is a feat she says surpasses any accolade she could ever receive as a choreographer.