Shockwave, born & raised in Los Angeles, CA, has been dancing since 2001 in high school, then discover his love of the dance style popping in 2004. Once believed dance was just a hobby, or at least heard this by others, he stopped dancing in 2006 to get a “real job”. At end of 2007 He realized he needed dance to live life, so started up again. In 2011 he made the decision to dance as a profession, and has been loving it ever since. He also dances competitively and teaches world wide, and wants to do his part to perserve the dance culture, inspire & grow the dance community, and push to boundaries in the dance to continue the evolution of it.

Works include: “Dance Camp” movie (scheduled to be released 2016) Avicci “Waiting for Love” 360 music video Fake Off season 2 (Cubemetricks) iLuminate

Teachings Have taught popping at studios in Los Angeles including Millennium, Debbie Reynolds, IDA, as well as Las Vegas, Arizona, China (Beijing, Shanghai) Japan (Tokyo, Tago, Nagoya, Sendai, Amori)