Tony Haynes

Tony Haynes, President of The Millennium Music Group

Tony Haynes is a lyricist, songwriter, poet, music publisher, producer & author. Over the last four decades he has written lyrics to melodies composed by the biggest names in R&B and pop music. He has also authored children’s books and produced kid’s music based on some of the most successful animated characters in the world.

Tony began his professional career in 1981 writing songs with Al McKay & David Bryant. Al had recently left Earth, Wind & Fire. He signed Tony to a co-publishing deal with Steelchest Music and introduced him to David Bryant. Together they wrote “Send A Little Love” for The Spinners, “Sayonara” for A Taste of Honey (band) & “Lovers” and “You Owe It All To Love” for Finis Henderson. With Erich Bulling, Tony also wrote songs for Japanese recording artists Naoko Kawai and Hiromi Iwasaki. In 1982 Tony began writing with Maurice White, Wanda Vaughn, Wayne Vaughn, Skip Scarborough, Philip Bailey & Robert Brookins. These collaborations led to “The Speed Of Love” on Tony’s first gold album, Powerlight by Earth, Wind & Fire, as well as “Trapped” and “The Good Guy’s Supposed To Get The Girls” on Philip Bailey’s solo project Continuation and “I Will No Wise Cast You Out” on The Wonders of His Love. Tony’s association with Maurice White also led to a collaboration with David Foster on “My Sweet Delight” by Jennifer Holiday from her album Feel My Soul on Geffen Records.

In 1984 Tony began writing lyrics for a wide variety of projects which included the song “Drive Me Wild” for the television series Fame. He also collaborated with Japanese composer Keisuke Kuwata from the legendary band Southern All Stars on Tarako and Japaneggae for Taishita. Through Tony’s association with Quincy Jones he collaborated with bassist and former Brothers Johnson member Louis Johnson on eight songs on Louis’s solo album Evolution. During this period Tony’s songs such as “Runnin'” was recorded by The Temptations on their album Truly for You. He also had songs recorded by Jeff Lorber “Don’t Say Yes”, Beau Williams “Danger Zone”, George Duke “We’re Supposed To Have Fun”, Durell Coleman “Tender Blue”, The Mac Band “Miss Used”, and Stanley Clarke Band “Psychedelic”. In 1985 Tony’s song “Hyperactive”, written with Robert Palmer and Dennis Nelson appeared on the album Riptide on Island Records. This was Tony’s first multi-platinum album. The song also appeared in the film The Bedroom Window. During the period of 1985 to 1989 Tony signed co-publishing deals with Warner Chappell Music and Chris Blackwell‘s Island Music Publishing.

From 1985 to 1989, as a lyricist, Tony continued to be in demand. He scored a top ten single with “Under the Influence”, from the album Skin on Skin recorded by Vanity on Motown Records. This song was co-written with Robbie Nevil & Tommy Faragher. Tony also had songs recorded by Patrice Rushen “All My Love”, The Pointer Sisters “Flirtatious”, Johnny Kemp “One Thing Led To Another”, Tracie Spencer “Lullaby Child”, 101 North, “That Feelin'”, SOS Band “One Of Many Nights” & Kool & The Gang “Money & Power” and “You’ve Got My Heart On Fire”.

During this period, co-writing with Robert Brookins, their songs were recorded by The Isley Brothers “Come to Me”, Stephanie Mills “Automatic Passion” and “Jesse”, Carl Anderson & Angela Bofill“A Woman In Love”, Al Jarreau “Pleasure”, Bobby Brown, King of Stage album, “Seventeen” and Tony Co-wrote “Your Tender Romance” with Paul Jackson, Jr. on Bobby’s album. Robert & Tony continued working together and their songs were also recorded by Sue Ann Carwell, Dale Bozzio, The Reddings, Jackie Jackson and Christopher Williams. Tony‘s first number one single “She’s on the Left” came in 1989. It was recorded by Jeffrey Osborne and it appeared on Jeffrey’s album “One Love, One Dream” on A&M Records. It was co-written by Tony, Spud Blanson, Jeffrey Osborne & Robert Brookins. Tony’s song, “Make It My Night”, co-written by Danny Sembello and recorded by Donna Allen appeared in the motion picture Fatal Beauty and “Be The One”, recorded by Jackie Jackson appeared in the film My Stepmother Is an Alien.

Tony also began writing with Attala Zane Giles and their songs were recorded by Troop“Still In Love” on their Troop (album) debut album, “Shadow” by Howard Hewett, “The Love We Share” Will Downing, “Shadow” & “Personally” by George Howard & “He Said/She Said” Debbie Allen. And with Zach Harmon & Christopher Troy. Tony wrote songs for the NBC television series Guys Next Door, Karyn White & Michael Cooper from the band Confunkshun. Tony also had a song “Harder” recorded by Gregory Alan Williams on the Baywatch TV Series soundtrack, as well as a collaboration with Rika Muranaka “I Am The Wind” on the popular Sony PlayStation game Castlevania: Symphony of the Night from Konami.

In 1990 Tony Haynes, partnered Laney Stewart. Their songs were recorded by Evelyn Champagne King, Karyn White, Keith Washington, Chante Moore, Nicki Richards, Altitude, Regina Belle, Louis Price, Charlie Wilson, Sue Ann Carwell, IV Xample, Ebony Vibe Everlasting & Go West. Tony & Laney began working with Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis and during this period Tony signed a co-publishing deal with Polygram Music Publishing which later became Universal Music Publishing. Tony & Laney’s big influences were legendary MCA Records executive, Louil Silas, Jr., Benny Medina and Quincy Jones. Tony & Laney also experienced great success with “Never Let Them See You Sweat” by Go West (band), which was featured in White Men Can’t Jump, and “Candlelight & You,” recorded by Keith Washington & Chante Moore, which was featured in House Party 2. Through Louil Silas, Jr., Tony met Teddy Riley and co-wrote “Get Away” which was recorded by Bobby Brown on his album Bobby (album) for MCA Records.

From 1990 to 2010 Tony also wrote songs recorded by Sounds of Blackness, Jade “Hold Me Close” with Vassal Benford, Jeremy Jordan “Girl You got It Going On” with Rhett Lawrence and “Wanna Girl” with Keith Thomas (producer), Peabo Bryson “Love Will Take Care Of You” with Keith Thomas (producer) , as well as songs recorded by Barry Lather, Immature IMx, For Lovers Only, Jesse Campbell (singer) and Kuh Ledesma from her album Precious. Collaborating with Preston Glass Tony wrote songs for Brenda Holloway, and Evelyn Champagne King.

Through Haynestorm Music, Tony is the co-publisher of compositions by Gordon Jones, such as “Innocent” by The Whispers and “I Really Love You Girl” from Bobby Brown‘s Don’t Be Cruel album on MCA Records and Harry Phillips song “In The Middle” from the motion picture The Five Heartbeats. Through The Groove Asylum Music Publishing under its deal with Famous Music in partnership with Laney & Mark Stewart, Tony was involved with Christopher “Tricky” Stewart, Kuk Harrell, and Sean Hall. Songs under this deal included songs performed by Tyrese, Sammi, Sole’, Blu Cantrell, Tony Toni Tone and the 1999 the ASCAP Rap song of the year, “Who Dat” by JT Money, which reached #5 on the Billboard pop charts. Other pop hits included “Case of the Ex” by Mýa, which peaked at number two in its 16th week on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and at #1 on Billboard’s R&B chart. It spent 3 weeks at number two and 29 consecutive weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and was also an international success. And in 1999 there was 3LW’s “No More”

In the early & mid 1990s Tony began dabbling in children’s music. He co-wrote the song “Slide” with Ralph Schukett. It was recorded by Barbie’s group Beyond Pink for Sony/Wonder. Tony was also the executive producer for Hanna Barbera & Motown’s collaboration A Flintstone’s Motown Christmas. For Deborah Raffin & Michael Viner the principles of Dove Audio Tony co-wrote & produced A Day In The Lives of Dina & Darren Dinosaur, performed by Solomon Burke & Freda Payne and Freda Payne Sings the (Unauthorized) I Hate Barney Songbook: A Parody. For Warner Bros Tony wrote and produced audio products featuring Bugs Bunny, Looney Tunes, The Animaniacs, Pinky & The Brain and The Looney Tunes Lovables. They include; “Carrotblanca,” narrated by Jonathan Winters,[1] “Taz In A Scary Tale From Down Under” narrated by Martin Landau,[2] “Bubba Bo Bob Brain” narrated by Dixie Carter.[3]